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How can I add items to my Wishlist?
How can I delete an item from my Wishlist?

 How can I add items to my Wishlist?

First, to save an item in your Wishlist you need to be logged on to your Militian account.

There are two ways of adding an item to your Wishlist:

In the item details, just under the "Add to bag" button, you have the option "Add to Wishlist". Just click on this and the item will be added to your Wishlist.

The other way is found in your shopping bag. Here you will see a small link that says "Add to Wishlist" for each of the items in your bag. Just click on this to add the item to your Wishlist.

You can add as many items as you like to your Wishlist, if they available and even if they have sold out (your Wishlist will be very useful for sold out items because you can use is, together with your "Notifications", to find out when the item will become available again on Militian.

 How can I delete an item from my Wishlist?

To delete an item from your Wishlist you have to be logged on to your account.

Then use this link to go to your Wishlist, click on the "Remove from my Wishlist" button (an X in the top right corner of the item box) and confirm that you want to delete this item from your Wishlist.

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